Tuesday, September 7, 2010

China Summer - Jen Margell

Check out this short collection of videos clips and snapshots from Summer 2010 in China! Hope you enjoy!!!


  1. Hey Jen, this is really great. And fun because I can share it with the kids. They/we miss you!


  2. Wow!! Thanks so much for sharing with me. It is so nice to see what your life looks like and who your hanging out with. Ummmm.... really cute turtle!! And really cute guy with the shaved head? Is this..... oh maybe Id better not say the name. :-)
    Miss you hun. So happy your able to have this experience.
    Love ya, Bex

  3. Almost cried when I watched this Jen! You look so beautiful and it seems like you are having an incredible time. Miss you very much! Keep posting why don't cha


  4. Hi. You commented on my blog, "Nicole I Frank's Home Exchange Travels" at HomeExchanger.blogspot.com. I do not have your email address. Could you please contact me by clicking on my profile on the blog? I would like to speak with you about China. Thanks! Nicole